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Care Guide


Dried Goods

 Do not water

Keep indoors and indirect sunlight

Simply blow light air on them if dusty



Do not water

Keep indoors and indirect sunlight

Pampas does shed.  When you receive your pampas, we recommend taking it outdoors and giving it a light shake (this can get a bit messy).  This will help prolong it's lifespan as well as minimize shedding.  If the pampas continues to shed, lightly spray with hairspray.



It’ll be fresh when you receive it

Fresh eucalyptus lasts 2-3 weeks when placed in water.  To extend the lifespan of the plant, cut the stems and replace the water every few days.

After the 2-3 week period take the eucalyptus out of water and let the stems dry on their own. Dried eucalyptus will last for months. The leaves will become super delicate, so please handle with care.