Shipping across Canada + USA


Where do you source your products from?

The dried flowers are imported from Europe where they are grown and dried/preserved.

Are they delicate?

Majority of the dried flowers are durable however there are some that are delicate.

How long can dried flowers last?
With minimal care dried flowers maintain their longevity and beauty for over a year!
How do I care for my dried flowers?
Super low maintenance and easy!
Do not water
Keep indoors
Keep away from direct sunlight and humidity as this will make them brittle and fade their colour
Avoid touching them repeatedly as this may shorten their lifespan
How do I clean dried flowers?

Over time the dried flowers may collect some dust on them.  We recommend using a hairdryer on a low cool setting or a compressed air spray from a distance and that’ll do the trick! 

Do they have a smell?

No they don't smell.

Where are you located?
We’re a home-based studio located in Vancouver, Canada!